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Louis-Adrien Ollu Osteopath D.O.

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About Louis-Adrien Ollu Osteopath D.O.

Osteopathy is a global approach of health using manual techniques to diagnose and treat your body. ​ My understanding of the whole body allows me to explain a pain or disorder to my patients. With my hand I Test from your feet to your head to understand your body pattern. ​ I mix a wide range of techniques adapted to each patient and each tissue of your body : bone , joint, muscle , fascia, nerve, organ, fluids.. ​ My philosophy is centered on the best patient healthcare , which include the right referral partners preciously selected: General Practitioner, physiotherapist, TCM Doctors , Acupuncturist, Midwife, Pediatrician, Podiatrist, Personal trainer.

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Business Specialties: Most common condition I see : Spine: low back pain , sciatica , Neck pain, torticollis, rib pain , chest pain, whiplash, cervico brachial neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia... ​ ​ Upper and lower limbs : Tendinitis, repetitive sprain, muscle stiffness, tennis or golfer\'s elbow, painful or hypomobile joints, scapulo-humeral periarthritis, shin splints, plantar fascitis... ​ ​ Head : Opening/mastication/swallowing issues, ear/ mandibular pain, headaches, teeth grinding, tinnitus, painful dental treatment... Headaches, migraines, occipital neuralgia, tension headache, sinusitis... ​ ​ Visceral system : Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, acid reflux, swollen abdomen,

Years of Experience: 5

Education: Osteopath D.O. , Clinical Acupuncutre

Qualifications, Experience and Certificates: Osteopath D.O. , graduated from Institut Dauphine d\'Osteopathie (IDO) Paris. Master in Osteopathy, Graduated from Federal European Register of Osteopaths (F.E.R.O.) by an International Jury. University Diploma in \"Dietetic and Clinical Nutrition\" , Faculty of Medicine Paris VII. Postgraduate Training at \"Formation For Research in Pediatric Osteopathy\" (F.R.O.P.) in Bordeaux. Currently attending the Diploma in \"Clinical Acupuncture\" , Hong Kong University.

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